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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

◆ Height/Weight: 174cm/66kg

◆ Allegience: New Brave

Hero Legacy[edit | edit source]

A Hero's Legacy - 1

A teenager living in the Kalxath Plains. When his childhood sweetheart Almeda is arrested by the Hyborea Empire, he is also drawn into the El Sallian continental war. A warrior chosen by the Goddess to embark on a journey to recast Langrisser and defeat all darkness on the continent. Step by step he discovers his true self in the course of his adventure.

"Our adventure will carry on along this path!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The righteous but slightly weak hero reluctantly embarks on an adventure. As an abandoned orphan, he's taken in by the Dovalu Village chief and doesn't care where he comes from.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

When it's certain that there is no turning back, he accepts his fate until the bitter end. He grows stronger and stronger with every battle. As the war goes on, he becomes aware his own insignificance... There are too many questions in his mind: What exactly does the Dark Prince want? Who am I? Also, who is that mysterious girl...?

A Hero's Legacy - 4

With a keen sense of his own limitations, he earnestly studies the heroes from past ages. But there are some things, like a kingly spirit, that just can't be learned...

"The Goddess has decided my fate, so I'll need to make it work, one step at a time."

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Even when setting forth on his journey to recast the sword, Langrisser drifts from his mind the further he goes. At some point, Matthew can't even picture the shape of the sword. The world believes that Alhazard takes away the holder's personality, bringing about endless chaos and war. But Matthew just can't understand - is the weapon known as Alhazard really that evil? 

"In this world, there is no predestined good and evil... at least this is what I believe for now."

Voice[edit | edit source]

Battle - Upgrade 1

"Well! It's a step closer to the target. Well done!"

Battle - Upgrade 2

"Well... I successfully upgraded! It's time to treat everyone to a meal again..."

Battle - Release Skills 1


Battle - Release Skills 2

"It's time!"

Battle - Select 1


Battle - Select 2

"Time to go!"

Battle - Retreat

"We must...retreat..."

Conversation - Daily 1

"In this world, good and evil are not predestined... at least, this is what I believe now."

Conversation - Words of Happiness

"Our adventure will carry on... along this path!"

Conversation - Words of Anger

"How much blood has been spilled by darkness? We must end it all!"

Conversation - Words of Sadness

"It's windy..."