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Matthew is the Main Hero of Langrisser Mobile. You always get the Swordsman to Hero Class Change option, however answering the initial Goddess Quiz at the beginning of the game will determine his alternate class options. Answer the Goddess Questions in this way to obtain them:

Shadow (Assassin)[edit | edit source]

1. Defense

2. Strategic versatility

3. In the heavens above

4. A quiet cottage in the night

6. Passion

8. Acceptance

9. My loved ones

Strike Master (Cavalry)[edit | edit source]

1. Retreat

2. Sheer power

3. They do not exist

5. To get what my heart desire

7. An unyielding spirit

8. Charity

9. Glory

Dragon Master (Flyer)[edit | edit source]

1. Retaliate

2. Excellent mobility

3. I am God

5. To protect the things I care for

7. An unyielding spirit

8. Helping others

9. My loved ones

Bow master (archer)[edit | edit source]

1. Defence

2. Strategic versatility

3. In the heavens above

4. A green grassland in the spring

6. Loyalty

8. Charity

9. My loved ones

There are different combinations of answers that can lead to either of the 4 classes, this is just one way to get to it.

Character Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Character Spotlight - Matthew

Rarity N

Availability Story character; Fragments obtainable from completing time rift quests

Talent Upon entering combat, if there are allies within 2 squares, X% chance to increase X% of ATK and DEF. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Protagonist

Final Classes Hero (swordsman) + 1 of the following based on Character Quiz: Strike Master (cavalry); Dragon Master (flier); Shadow (assassin); Ranger (archer)

Role High mobility ranged attacker (Strike Master/Dragon Master); Anti-infantry (Strike Master); High ATK ranged unit (Shadow/Ranger); Anti-spear (Hero); Anti-flier (Ranger); Casts Protagonist faction buff

Recommended Troops Angels - High ATK, MDEF, & Mobility (For All) Vampire bats - High ATK & Mobility, able to recover HP after attacking (For Strike Master) Shadow Striker - High ATK & Crit (For Shadow) Firebrand Sniper - Upon initiating combat, ATK increases by X%, deals additional X% damage after battle (For Ranger)

Recommended Pairings Legion of Glory - Any faction buffer Protagonists - Any, is able to provide faction buff to them

MVP Situations Guild dungeons Quest progression Special events where he is a bonus unit

Comments Being the main protagonist, Matthew is obtainable right away. While he starts out with Hero as his first class path, the second class path is based off your answers from the Character Quiz at the start of the game. The following sections briefly go over each class choice but ultimately leaves the final decision up to the player.

Dragon Master: With Dragon Master selected, Matthew will have 5 mobility points each turn and can equip a passive which gives him a 20% chance to take another turn. He will also obtain an ability that grants +1 mobility to allies and [Immunity to: ATK/INT/Mobility Down] over 2 turns. In addition, this path allows Matthew to obtain an AOE physical ATK skill as well.

Shadow: As a Shadow, Matthew has access to skills to help ramp up his ATK and crit rate. His role as a Shadow is simply to target and destroy singled-out units, as Matthew can obtain access to a skill that allows him to attack the enemy commander directly. When paired with his passive to ignore terrain types, he is able to swiftly get to where he needs to go.

Strike Master: If you chose Strike Master, Matthew is able to obtain a skill to increase mobility by +3 and attack again. With an obtained passive from this path, if Matthew still has residual movement left over, he is able to move again at the end of his turn within the value of the residual.

Ranger: If Ranger is selected, Matthew becomes the enemy of Flier units when equipped with a bow. In this path, Matthew will have access to a skill that proves to be super effective against flier units, as well as passive abilities whcih increase his ATK. For situations where Matthew needs to do a bit of repositioning, he can also obtain a skill that allows him to move again within 2 squares, potentially helping him keep his distance from enemies.

Ending Remarks As far as class paths go, Matthew has quite a few options available to him. The key is in deciding which class path you would like Matthew to journey through. If you plan on using Matthew at all, it may be important to consider what type of playstyle best suits you, as well as the type of team you may be thinking of creating. Due to Matthew being a frequently boosted character for events, it would benefit the player to invest some resources into Matthew when able.