Mechanics in Goddess Trial

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Red dragon (up to level 65) Enemy: 1 red dragon; [top] 2 archer 1 lancer; [left] 1 lancer 2 cavalry.

[Top] move after 3 turn or a hero moved within their danger zone. Lancer will always move toward archer and guard. Then archers move. [Left] move when a hero within their danger zone. Recommended hero: 1) Leon, Ledin, Sophia (skilled attack buff), Liana (Sage Hat), 2 healers 2) Cherie, Ledin, Sophia (skilled attack buff), Liana (Sage Hat), 2 healers Healers: Tiaris, Anna, Chris to heal, give buff and remove debuff.

Strategy: For 1), Leon kill archer and run away. Ledin faction buff (FB) and Divine Guard with Liana's Again (make sure Ledin has Sage Hat buff). [Left] can be counter by Ledin. Once lancer [Top] guard down, kill the other archer. For 2), Ledin faction buff(FB) and Divine Guard(DG) with Liana's Again (make sure Ledin has Sage Hat buff). Have Tiaris/Anna bait guard from lancer [Top]. Move toward dragon, [Top] will chase. After lancer guard down, Cherie kill 2 archer.

Red Dragon skill: Dragon Fire (1 round CD, single target), Demon Dragon Breath (2 round CD, AOE 3 block), Demon Dragon Roar (2 round CD, AOE all). Skill priority: Dragon Fire --> Demon Dragon Breath --> Demon Dragon Roar. Strategy:Always buff attack up on Cherie/Leon to prevent debuff from dragon. Dragon Fire increase damage to target, that why need a tank to alternate direct attack from dragon. Bait dragon so that Demon Dragon breath and Demon dragon Roar is not used. Once all units outside of dragon's range, do following step:
1) Attack up Cherie/Leon, Cherie/Leon attack, Ledin FB+DG (Again) to guard Cherie/Leon, healer heal Cherie/Leon.
1a) Dragon Fire on Ledin (attack priority over other skills).
2) Liana Prayer, Cherie/Leon attack. All units except Cherie/Leon must be outside of 3 blocks AOE.
2a) Dragon normal attack on Cherie/Leon.
3) Sophia regen on Cherie/Leon, heal Cherie/Leon, Cherie/Leon attack, Ledin guard Cherie/Leon (DG on cooldown).
3a) Dragon Fire on Ledin.
4) Repeat 1-3.