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Character Spotlight - Scott

Rarity R

Availability Tutorial, Friend Point Banner, All Gem-Cost Hero Banners

Talent When HP is above 50%, reduces damage taken in battle by X%. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Strategist

Final Classes Knight Commander (cavalry)

Role Anti-High ATK infantry/AOE ATK/INT buffer

Recommended Troops Armoured Cavalry - Increases ATK by X% Royal Griffin - Increases ATK & DEF by X% when above 80% HP

Recommended Pairings Legion of Glory - A unit capable of casting Faction Buff Strategist - A unit capable of casting Faction Buff

MVP Situations Events where Scott is a bonus unit (boost to stats/points) Guild dungeon (when lacking cavalry units)

Comments Scott is a unit obtained fairly quickly from the tutorial. At the start, Scott plays the role of an anti-infantry unit fairly well thanks to his talent which reduces damage taken when Scott is above 50% HP. As an R unit, his base stats are quite low when put up against SR and SSR units. Unlike some of the other heroes, Scott's binding quests are not avaialble from the start, meaning he won't be able to get stat increases from completing said quests until they become available.

However, due to the ease of obtaining R units, fragments for Scott can be obtained fairly easily so his star levels can be pumped up to 6 stars in a fair amount of time, especially when compared to SSRs. At 6 stars, his talent reduces damage taken by 30% when Scott is above 50% HP, thereby helping to lessen his disadvantage of having natural low base stats by giving him a bit more survivability. When invested in, Scott can obtain an ability which allows him to reduce another 30% of damage taken when he initiates an attack, making him quite effective against infantry enemies with high ATK such as the Ogre.

Scott also has access to an AOE ATK buff that allows him to increase ATK & INT by 20% for allies within range. For those that like to mix units from different factions, this buff may prove to be useful as it also grants [Immunity to: ATK/INT Down], at the cost of not being able to use active skills for 2 turns. However, before investing resources in Scott, please take into consideration the availability of other units at your disposal as there are many units that can be used in place of Scott. In terms of resource management, his recommended troops make budgeting a bit difficult as many other advanced troops are shared between a larger number of heroes which can help in reducing resource costs all around.

Ending Remarks Scott is a unit who has his uses but can be easily swapped with another cavalry unit once the player has advanced farther into the game. In certain special events, he may be listed as a character who either gets increased stats or increases the amount of event points received. If you have access to a good amount of resources or just like Scott in general, feel free to give him a try since you may find yourself coming back to him for events where he is a bonus unit.