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Troop Sharpshooter.png Name Type Rank Attack Type
Sharpshooter Archer 2 Physical Ranged
Range Move Stong Against Weak Against
2 5 Fliers Melee
Unlocked via Training Location
Class upgrades Archer & Assassin - Advanced Training 2
Lv 1 Stats Lv 60 Stats
28 29 16 16
Basic Skill Max Skill
All Stats +1%. All Stats +1%. When attacking, 20% chance to reduce enemy's DEF by 20%. Lasts 1 turn. All Stats +5%. When attacking, 30% chance to reduce enemy's DEF by 20%. Lasts 1 turn.
Hero Class
Dieharte Dieharte Raider
Dios Dios Bow Knight
Emerick Emerick Bow Knight
Freya Freya Unicorn Knight
Grenier Grenier Bow Night
Imelda Imelda Bishop
Laird Laird Bow Knight
Leticia Leticia Highlander
Luna Luna Bow Knight
Sonya Sonya Unicorn Knight
Tiaris Tiaris Unicorn Knight
Varna Varna Sniper
Sigma Sigma Raider
Iris Iris Koubu