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Character Spotlight - Sonya

Rarity SR

Availability All gem-cost Hero banners, limited time quest fragments

Talent Upon killing an enemy, grants 3 movement squares (cannot attack) and increases ATK & DEF. Stats increased last 3 turns, max stack of 2.

Faction Dark Empire's Honor Princess Alliance

Final Classes Strike Master (Cavalry), Unicorn Master (Cavalry)

Role Hit, kill & run/ high mobility support skill caster

Recommended Troops Vampire Bats - High mobility & ATK, able to recover HP after initiating attack Bone cavalry - High mobility, Very High ATK Hell Hound - Increases damage received by enemies within 2 squares by X% at end of turn Female paladins - every movement increase ATK

Recommended Pairings Dark - Bozel Empire's Honor - A unit that can grant Faction Buff Princess Alliance - Luna; Tiaris; Shelfaniel (not available at launch)

MVP Situations Timeless trials PVP (Mid to High tier) Guild dungeons (Dark/Princess)

Comments Sonya is a high damage character with high mobility since she is a cavalry unit. She is also available in the first Free Fragments SR limited time quest. Hence, many will be able to build her to at least 4*. Note that as star levels increase, base stats will increase as well. She is able to grant +3 to her mobility while being able to attack again, as well as a passive skill which reduces damage by 30% when she initiates an attack. If she manages to kill an enemy, she will trigger her talent which grants her 3 squares of movement (cannot attack). With her talent activated, Sonya receives additional stat increases to her ATK & DEF for 3 turns, max stack of 2.

Ending Remarks Sonya's high mobility and ATK really help to make her shine as a unit. In later patches, she receives some support skills, further increasing her utility. However, due to the high amount of cavalry units in the Empire faction, she is often overlooked and passed over for another character. Due to this, she mostly spends her time in the Princess or Dark factions. Before investing in her, (as well as other units), be sure to check what troop types are shared between units to help reduce resource costs.