Summer Event

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The beach party is about to start! Sea, sunshine, surfing...and of course, swimsuits!

Enjoy summer fun on a desert island!

During the Summer Swimsuit Festival event, defeat enemies in the Secret Realm to win event points and Sand of Time, and unlock fantastic event rewards! For further details, see the event instructions!

The ultimate event prize is the SR hero Demon Tribe General, Feraquea and SR hero Freya's limited-edition skin! Good scores get great prizes!

  • Other Event Additions include permanent additional Skins for Witch/Sorceress Troops and Elf/High Elf, Dark Elf/Dark Elf Sniper Troops added to the Costume Shop.
  • Swimsuit skins for Tiaris, Luna, Lana, Narm and Varna for Sale~ Hnnng!!!!!

NOTICE: Swimsuit Skins are not Exclusive, but there will be a VERY long wait before they become available in the skin shop. And they do not come to the skin shop at a discounted rate. This is from the Chinese and Taiwanese version information. So if you want them, buying them now vs. later will make no difference on your wallet. Enjoy them! They are too cute!