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Template-info.png Documentation

Template to show a hero, item, or accessory icon portrait with a chosen frame. Has shorthand template {{Hf}}.
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Heroes[edit source]

  • |hero= has to be the full name of a hero, such as Robin:Fell Vessel.
  • |rarity= has to be a number between 1 and 5, or the letter S (for support). (defaults to 1 if not provided).
  • |merges= has to be a number between 0 and 10, or the string max, but can be omitted (defaults to 0 if not provided).

Example[edit source]

{{Hf|hero=Owain: Chosen One|rarity=5}}
{{Hf|hero=Kliff: Curious Spirit|rarity=5|merges=0}}
{{Hf|hero=Robin: Fell Reincarnation|rarity=5|merges=7}}
{{Hf|hero=Robin: Fell Vessel|rarity=5|merges=max}}
{{Hf|hero=Robin: Festive Tactician|rarity=S|merges=10}}

38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px

Items[edit source]

  • |item= has to be the full name of an item, such as Heavenly Dew.
  • |merges= can be set to the string max, to trigger the brighter green look, but can be omitted (defaults to dark green if not provided).

Accessories[edit source]


Example: Lost Child's Hat: 38x38px42x42px42x42px

Example[edit source]

{{Hf|item=Golden Throne}}
{{Hf|item=Golden Throne|merges=max}}

38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px

Empty[edit source]

To create an empty rarity indicator box, omit the |hero= and the |item= parameters.

Example[edit source]


38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px

Menu[edit source]

To emulate the look of icons in for example the Hero Merit screen or the Catalog of Heroes, when they are maxed out, set the rarity value to menu. The hero can also be set to question (in any rarity) for a question mark icon.

Example[edit source]

{{Hf|hero=Lucina: Glorious Archer|rarity=menu}}

38x38px42x42px42x42px 38x38px42x42px42x42px

Size[edit source]

The optional parameter |size= allows the values tiny: Useful for inline 18x18px20x20px20x20px representations. small: Shows portraits 38x38px42x42px42x42px better. Good for table cells with several heroes in them. Automatic if size is omitted. medium: A larger version, 79x79px87x87px87x87px, good for larger sections of text, or in some tables where each row is for one hero. large: Full size icon, not very useful in text. 158x158px174x174px174x174px