The Diary of Diehärte Klaus

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The Diary of Diehärte Klaus[edit | edit source]

"The Diary of Diehärte Klaus" (ディハルト・クラウスの日記) is an extra story included on the CD-ROM of Langrisser III on the Sega Saturn. It provides extra information about what the protagonist is thinking throughout early part of the story.

Entry 1[edit | edit source]

Finally, tomorrow is my knighting ceremony. I won't have to deal with Duke William's scolding or Sir Geriord's hazings anymore!

These last six years have gone well, if I do say so myself. But having to spend the entire night in front of the underground altar...? That's so boring.

Entry 2[edit | edit source]

I've arrived in Laffel.

Somehow, the Empire knocked down our floating castle. On top of that, Lord William was murdered and Sir Geriord is in critical condition. The womenfolk are all flustered and I am exhausted. Geriord is a lot heavier than he looks.

At any rate, I'll consider it a win that I'm at least alive.

Speaking of which, I wonder how my parents are doing at the royal capital of Larcussia. In the end, they never wound up coming to my knighting ceremony. Maybe they were unable to shirk their duties as diplomats and leave the city?

Either way, surely they hadn't forgotten about their son's big moment, right?

Entry 3[edit | edit source]

Just what is going on? Even our ally Barral is attacking us! I can't believe it.

And there was something different about the King of Barral... I remember him as a kind man who gave us plenty of sweets. And Princess Flaire was pretty cute. It's really sad that we're on hostile terms now.

Anyway, we've gotta go see my uncle, Viscount Raymond, before we run out of supplies.

Entry 4[edit | edit source]

We finally made it to Viscount Raymond's house.

It's been a while since I've been able to sleep in a real bed. It's a big relief that I don't have to be responsible for protecting the women anymore.

I feel like I'm going to have a wonderful dream tonight.

Entry 5[edit | edit source]

Using Viscount Raymond's servants, we were able to hire some soldiers.

Now that people have learned about my lineage I'm unable to go outside. With nothing else I could do, I've decided to work on my sword training out in the garden.

As soon as I began to swing my sword, Tiaris came and started reading a book of magic spells near me. It seems she's finally starting to recover from the shock of William's death.

Entry 6[edit | edit source]

I had my first sword fight with Lewin. He's brazen, but also highly skilled. And that's without any real combat experience. I'm sure he will become an incredible fighter one day.

I didn't lose, but I'm definitely covered in bruises.

Entry 7[edit | edit source]

The heavy downpour that started last night kept me indoors. I didn't get to do any sword practice today.

For the first time in a while, I poked fun at Tiaris. When I did, I caught Lewin glaring at me. I wonder if he likes her?

I think I'll poke fun at him next time.

Entry 8[edit | edit source]

Damn that Tiaris! Even as a joke, there is just something wrong with what she did! I can't believe she would use me as a target for her magic training.

Thankfully, she hasn't mastered that spell yet. But now I've got burns all down my back.

I should probably go lay down and rest for a while...

Entry 9[edit | edit source]

The royal soldiers have gathered and now it's time to discuss our strategy.

Lord Raymond has made me the commander of an independent group. Everyone acted surprised, but of course he would put me in charge. Tiaris is out of the question and Lewin doesn't even have the proper title of knight yet.

Oops... I guess I am a bit too excited about this.

I gotta get up early tomorrow so I should head to bed.

Entry 10[edit | edit source]

I haven't had time to write in my diary for a while. Right now, we're headed to the estate of Baron Torrand.

Traveling under the name of Viscount Raymond, we explained our situation to this blademaster by the name of Gilbert in the Village of Ransh. He joined up with us, but I have to say he's a bit of a gloomy old guy. I'm not sure whether he'll really be okay with listening to the orders of someone so much younger than him. Will he be aggressive? Is he plotting something?

After that, Pierre and Riffany joined up with us as well.

I wish we could've left Pierre behind and just brought that noble lady Riffany. She's a magic user and exceedingly beautiful. Riffany has a beauty mark under her left eye. I wonder if she gets all teary-eyed when she drinks?

Heck, even the Baron's daughter Luna is worth checking out.

Entry 11[edit | edit source]

Today we made it to the estate of Baron Torrand. Luna joined up with us since the baron is ill. Yahoo!

Man, I've been training and studying so long that I haven't had many opportunities to be with a woman. I'm so glad I managed to stay alive this long...

— Translated by DarknessSavior 2014/07/10 11:42