Trails in Time SC

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tl;dr: Mats required dropped by 1/3 & 13 burgers needed at most to clear out the shop assuming lvl 55 runs & absolutely nothing else.

The amount of needed mats seems to have gone down by 1/3.

We can't see the 2nd and 3rd page yet, but I've pre-emptively adjusted the prices from last time around. I'll update it regardless just to get the order of rewards right.

You'll also need about 80 lvl55 runs and about 640 stamina in total, assuming you've not done any levels at all and/or no mats left from last time. If you're a low level player, double / triple that number & it's still very doable as f2p, just like all previous events.

I don't see a page for this event on the gamepedia wiki yet, I'll add a link to my tracker later when I see it and if it wasn't linked already.