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Copied pages[edit source]

Hello, I am an admin of the Fire Emblem Heroes Gamepedia wiki. It appears that during the creation of this wiki, you copied a lot of articles, templates, and modules verbatim from the FEH Gamepedia wiki, even though it is clear that a lot of the contents do not apply directly to Langrisser (e.g. List of Evolving Weapons, Template:AssistFamList, Module:SkillCost, to name a few). Other times, files were uploaded using FEH's asset naming schemes, such as File:Lana BtlFace C.gif, which I believe is a consequence of using our templates without adapting them to Langrisser's internal asset structure.

While nothing strictly prohibits your wiki from doing so, this only brings confusion to your wiki's editors, as part of another wiki's infrastructure now backs your wiki while the other copied pages serve no purposes anymore and remain a total mystery to the editors who have not also played FEH. If anyone needs another wiki's code for reference, they could as well view the live sources on the wiki without making copies at your wiki.

I will soon be requesting deletion of pages that I believe pertain solely to Fire Emblem Heroes and have not yet been adapted for the Langrisser wiki. --HertzDevil (talk) 07:43, 3 July 2019 (UTC)