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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

  • Height/Weight: 199cm/92kg
  • Appearance: Langrisser II
  • Allegiance: Rayguard Empire

Hero Legacy:[edit | edit source]

Hero's Legacy - 1

As one of the four generals following Emperor Bernhardt, commanding the Blazing Dragon Brigade, he is known as the "valiant general." He looks a boorish fellow, but in fact has cultivated his cunning and tough tactical ability though years of training. He often shares joys and sorrows with soldiers, and thus is deeply loved by them.

"Who called me a blad general? Come out!"

Hero's Legacy - 2

Born into a military family, he's a weathered general who grew as he fought at the front lines, but the shame of his father's desertion is an emotional burden he can't escape. His mission is to protect everyone as he consider deserting one's men a commander's greatest shame.

Hero's Legacy - 3

Not sticking to the warfare taught in books, he relies on his many years of experience to command the Blazing Dragon Bridge to execute all sorts of superb maneuvers. Once, sending a feint to lead the main forces, he turned to attack the empty Kalxath City, making himself a formidable adversary to the forces of Light.

Hero's Legacy - 4

Vargas, who should have been with his wife during the birth of their child, returns to the front line to stand together with his soldiers. This turns out to be the final ballte in his life.

"Please tell Eliza I'm with my men until end... fighting together."

Hero's Legacy - 5

In this world Vargas believes that one shouldn't just send the youths forth to die, he fights together with everybody, becoming a trusted ally. Time and again when alone in the darkness of night, he thinks of his child, whose birth he was unable to witness.