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Yulia[edit | edit source]

Tank Slayer[edit | edit source]

By Dango

Gear selection (For Holy):


Skill selection

Troop selection

How to use her?

Useful YouTube video

To begin with, What class to use?

Sword is the PVE class, whereas Holy is the PVP class. Reason is sample. You need to counter Landius as a tank killer, and Landius is Cav unit.

For Sword, you really just provide any SSR gear should be fine, it is mainly for PVE (e.g. Ancient Call). However, if you get good enchant on her holy class already, just use her Holy class for PVE works just fine.


Gift of Eternal Life > Queen's Secpter> Blue Moon ≈ Redmoon


Goddess dress > >>Death Robe > Dark Robe > Tennyo's robe


Odin's Battle Helm > Tiara > >> Tennyo's Headdress> others


Meditation Ring for PVP, Dimensional Jewel or other SSR int accessory.

Breeze, Focus on Int, DEF and MDEF. Getting high HP without DEF and MDEF is very risky, avoid doing that

Faith, Godly Menace (PVP), Holy Justice (PVE, situational PVP), Discipline (PVP or PVE) before awakening

Godly Menace, Holy Justice and Discipline after awakening

PVP: Zealot, Unicorn (later when released)

PVE: Zealot (None- Ancient Call or vs demon), Masked Maid

  1. Tank Killer

With Zealot and Unicorn (will be released before S2 playoff), Yulia (with faction buff or gospel) have the potential to one shot tanks with either godly menace or holy justice.

2. 'Mega beast shock'

After using Gold Menace, Yulia can apply a buff that can reduce mobility (NOTE this is not a debuff to enemy, similar to Jugler's beast shock), hence not able to guard for all enemies within 2 spot. She (or her teammate) can take advantage of that and kill enemies squashy units the next turn. Useful Video by SweetDango