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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

  • Height/Weight: 162cm/42kg
  • Appearance: Langrisser Mobile
  • Allegiance: ???

Hero Legacy:[edit | edit source]

Hero's Legacy - 1

A pale demon girl in white, and one of the key figures in the war of light and darkness.
She is drawn to Matthew's demonic blood, meeting him on a dark night filled with monsters.
She uses her mighty power to obliterate all the enemies in their path.

"My name is Zerida. I already told you, I'm just a girl passing by. What's your name?"

Hero's Legacy - 2

Unable to tell good from evil or love from hate, Zerida seeks to learn all she can about this world.
She becomes close to Matthew due to his demonic bloodline and finds herself caught up in the adventures of the Swordsmith Legion.
However, this is not the true Zerida. Her other identity is that of the Demon Knight, who will bring nothing but blood and slaughter to the continent.

Hero's Legacy - 3

Similar to Langrisser, Alhazard has been out of the Demon Tribe's hands since the last great war.
In order to revive Chaos, the God of Darkness, the dark prince Bozel is in dire need of blood and death to craft a new Alhazard,thus determining the unchangeable destiny of Zerida.

Hero's Legacy - 4

With the completion of Bozel's plan, the five bloodmarks are marked on the continent, and the dark knight has finished accumulating dark power.

Soon, a new demon sword will be born...

"Even if my body is destroyed, and I disappear from this world, I will still like you, as always...
If it is possible, in the next life...I want to be your sword, keeping you company forever..."

Hero's Legacy - 5

Zerida disappears, and this incident becomes a dark shadow permanently burned into Matthew's heart.
But among the Swordsmith Legion's heroes, there is another cheeky and naughty hero...
...What's this hero's name again?